Dina’s Tea Time

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012

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You are invited to join Dina and her Dinosaur friends for a lively, fun tea party!

Dina the dinosaur waits for her guests to arrive for one huge dino-tea. Readers will delight at the many interesting dinosaur friends who arrive. There’s just one problem: There is no tea. What will Dina do? The clock is ticking and the tea is about to begin. Take your place at the head of the table for this fast-paced dinosaur rhyming adventure with lots of laughs. The illustrations are colorful, bold, breathtaking and sure to please, dinosaur-lovers of all ages. The dinosaur recipes included will allow readers to relive Dina’s Dino Tea over and over again in their own home. Dina’s Dino Tea is a fun-filled adventure, which will leave a lasting impression.

    • Fixed layout presentation that mirrors the visual reading experience found in a printed picture book.
    • Recipes included for each of the treats featured in the story.
    • Story includes audio narration for younger readers to follow along.
    • Ages 4-8

Author: Julia Dweck

Illustrator: Patricia Saco