Why Do I Need To Sleep?

Posted by on Jan 29, 2013

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Children read about why sleep helps them and how to prepare for sleep. This story integrates science and health facts with a charming story about Lily who has not been getting enough sleep.

Children learn that:

  • Sleep helps you grow.
  • Sleep helps you think, listen, and work.
  • Sleep helps you get along with others and feel good.
  • Nightmares are bad dreams that your brain makes up. They will go away when you tell someone.
  • Going to sleep is easy when you know how.

Bright, meaningful illustrations support the informational text and the story features children from multiethnic backgrounds.

    • Linked to educational activities based on the book.
    • Fixed layout presentation that mirrors the visual reading experience found in a printed picture book.
    • Ages 3-8

Author: Johanna Pomeroy-Crockett

Illustrator: Haris Ichwan

Johanna Pomeroy-Crockett has spent much of her professional life emphasizing the importance of literacy, especially early literacy which she believes combines reading, writing, art, music, drama and dance. She taught special reading in the inner-city elementary schools in the Southwest and worked in ethnically diverse communities. She also taught reading and academic survival skills at the community college level, supervised teachers in their graduate programs at Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University, and taught reading education courses, including children’s literature, at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as supervising student teachers for Northern Arizona University and the University of Phoenix. She is the author of numerous literacy materials for students and for teachers.