14 Children’s Books About Love

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014

Although the New Year seemed like it just happened, Valentine’s Day is coming upon us at a rapid pace, so we thought we’d make a list of our favorite children’s books that spread the message of love, friendship, and family! We start off with some of our favorites from our very own catalog, and then move on to 10 of our favorite picks for kids! Want to make a suggestion to add to the list? Just comment below! We want to hear it!  

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Cora Cooks Pancit


coracooks copy


Many people love showing their love through their food, and Cora from Cora Cooks Pancit is eager to do the same! She loves being in the kitchen, but she always get stuck doing the kids jobs like licking the spoon. One day, however, when her older sisters and brother head out, Cora finally gets the chance to be Mama’s assistant chef! And of all the delicious Filipino dishes that dance through Cora’s head, she and Mama decide to make pancit! When dinner is finally served, her siblings find out that Cora did all their grown-up tasks, and Cora waits anxiously to see what everyone thinks of her cooking. Dorina Lazo Gilmore’s text and Kristi Valiant’s illustrations delightfully capture the warmth between mother and daughter as they share a piece of their Filipino heritage. Plus, the book has a delicious pancit recipe inside! Get the book here


The Prince’s Diary 



In this charming version of the Cinderella story, take a peek at the Prince’s personal diary as he tells the well-known story from his point of view! Find out what the Prince was feeling when he first met Cinderella, and what he really thinks about her stepsisters! All your burning questions will be answered: Did Cinderella have a fairy godmother? Did the Prince really try a glass slipper on every girl in the kingdom? And most important, what really happened at the ball? In this twist on the familiar tale, the Prince tells it like it is, and you’ll be amazed by the real story! Get the book here!


What Is Love?


What is love cover


Communicating to children how we all share many of the same needs and concerns in life, especially love, this title conveys a message of diversity by which goals of compassion and sensitivity may be reached. What is Love? presents a sincere yet playful tone through which children can ponder the total human experience of sharing and goodwill while appreciating one of life’s most tender emotions. Get the book here!

Good Fortune In A Wrapping Cloth

good fortune

Good Fortune In A Wrapping Cloth is another book that beautifully demonstrates the close bond between mother and daughter. Ji-su’s mother has been chosen by the Korean king to be a seamstress at the palace and sew bojagi, or wrapping cloths, for the royal household. It is a great honor, but to Ji-su it means saying good-bye to her mother. The only way for them to be reunited, Ji-su realizes, is for her to become a seamstress just as talented and be chosen to serve the king.

Through the changing seasons, Ji-su sews, learning the craft from her great-aunt and practicing her stitches tirelessly. One day, she finally has the chance to show her work to the palace Sanguiwon master, who has the power to bring her to her mother or to dash her hopes of being reunited. Is her sewing fine enough for the king?

Joan Schoettler’s warm text brings the landscape and culture of ancient Korea to life. Together with illustrator Jessica Lanan’s breathtaking depictions of Korea through the seasons, Ji-su’s story of longing and determination will capture the hearts of readers of all ages. Get the book here!

And here are the rest of our picks! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

On the Night You Were Born

on the night you were born

The Giving Tree

giving tree

Kiss, Kiss!

kiss, kiss

I Love You Through and Through

love you through

Love You Forever


Guess How Much I Love You


Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

charlie brown

Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You

Wherever You Are

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!


Mama, Do You Love Me?

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