Being Global
An interactive storybook and activity set for parents and educators to cultivate conscious little ones





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An interactive, multi-media, and bilingual app kit for parents and educators to teach children about the goodness in exploring, appreciating, and respecting other children’s traditions, religions, and values the world over.

Have you ever visited the pyramids? Do you like sushi? Can you say hello in Swahili? Discover what it means to be global in this whimsically-drawn and thoughtfully-told animated and interactive story that also includes game play. Learn the goodness in exploring, appreciating, and respecting other children’s traditions, religions, and values the world over.

The book, narrated by Robbie Vann-Adibé in a soothing voice that kids would enjoy listening to.

★★★ App featured by Google on Android Market’s Education category, Barnes and Noble on its Nook Tablet (children’s apps, ages 6-8), and Sony on its new Android Tablet. The eBook version featured by Apple in its iBookStore’s children’s category (October 2011)★★★ Based on namesake children’s book that has won six book industry awards

App: ★Award-winning content (for ages 4 & up): What Does It Mean To Be Global? book has won 6 industry awards ★Storybook available in Read To Me and Touch & Read formats – on each page the user can toggle between English and Spanish. ★Features 50+ animations and touch-based interactions that complement the key educational concepts within the book ★Read To Me includes word highlighting in sync with the voice narration, which helps kids with the pronunciation and spelling of new words ★A handson journal activity for kids to write, illustrate and share their own global experience – a great classroom activity ★Coloring activity enables kids to color a page within the book with paint brushes and color swatch. Once done, colored page can be saved to the photo library ★Touch-based quiz game that demonstrates how to say “hello” in multiple languages ★Story includes many cool sound effects that both kids & adults will enjoy ★Includes an award-winning, rhythmic Global song with animations that kids would love to sing-along with

eBook★Fixed layout – printed book layout preserved★Read aloud voice narration★Searchable text & dictionary lookup (iBooks)


Rana DiRio, author, was born in Providence, RI and grew up in a colorful Italian-American family. Her curiosity about the world began in kindergarten, while studying Western access to China and, obviously, panda bears. As a political science major/psychology minor in college, and then as a law student, she became fascinated with understanding perspective, and how just about any person, place, thing, or situation can be interpreted in so many valid ways.

Chris Hill, illustrator, was born and raised in London, Canada. After graduating from university with a degree in psychology, she filled her backpack with a few of her favorite items, including a sketch pad and some Sharpie™ pens, and traveled to California for an excursion. She never left. Chris became a teacher in San Francisco, where she enjoyed teaching art to her kindergarteners, and used her whimsical cartoon characters to entertain and motivate her middle school students./p>

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