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Julio Bunny and his friends have rapidly become some of the most beloved characters in Italian children’s literature. Written and illustrated by the renown Nicoletta Costa, this series sheds light on the everyday challenges children face in the world.

Through each book, Julio and his friends gain confidence and learn about themselves as they face their fears, play games, and go on adventures around their town. Children love the books not only for the colorful artwork, but because they can easily relate to these charming and amusing characters as they grow each day. Hop into Julio Bunny’s world and join him and his friends as they encounter each new adventure! 

Nicoletta Costa is an internationally recognized Italian author, most widely known for her popular Julio Bunny Series. Born in Trieste in 1953, Costa earned her degree in architecture and worked in the industry for several years. She left her position to follow her true passion of writing and illustrating children’s book. Now, with over 350 books published worldwide in multiple languages, Costa’s books continue to delight young children and adults alike with their colorful and original art, simple and thoughtful plots, and relatable characters. She has won many prestigious awards, including: 

- 1986: Award of Ilustracion Catalonia (Barcelona) 
- 1988: Golden Pen (Belgrade) 
- 1989: Christian Andersen Award
- 1994: Christian Andersen Award
- 2002: Grinzane Junior
- 2010: Christian Andersen Award 

The Julio Bunny Series is available on a wide range of tablets, including the Nook, Kindle, and iPad. We’ve taken these beautiful books and enhanced them with wonderful features that will provide your child with an unforgettable reading experience. 

     - Read aloud 
     - Custom sound effects recorded by Italian music composer Cristiano Fracaro
      – Read aloud 
      – Custom sound effects recorded by Italian music composer Cristiano Fracaro
      –  Interactive and comprehensive questions and answers 
      - Julio Bunny and the Land of Carrot Trees” includes cute animations

“Julio Bunny is a charming new character that I’m so pleased to have found [him]. The design of the book is beautiful and very unique. A joy to read to my children.” – Cynthia (mom reviewer on Amazon)

“Young children will love the variety of animals and creatively drawn settings. Parents will love the message of working together to problem solve and the ability to apply the message of embracing differences to their child’s own life.”- Tammy (mom reviewer on Amazon) 

“I would recommend all the Julio Bunny books, very cute and appropriate for little kids (especially on a Kindle Fire!)” – Holly E. Hancock (Amazon reviewer)