iPad Guide

Here are some of the iPad features that can help you create a safe and enjoyable reading experience for your child.

Concern#1: The iPad is so fragile and pretty expensive. I love all the apps, educational tools, and eBooks that are available to my child. But I just don’t feel comfortable handing it to my child when it is so easy to break.
Solution: Get a child friendly iPad case!

There are many companies that have created childproof iPad cases so that you can stop twitching and gasping every time your child goes to press a button on the screen. Below are two that we recommend:

Grips Frame iPad Case
Speck Products iPad 2 iGuy Case

You can find additional cases that parents like in this review by Noah’sDad.

Concern #2: I know there are a lot of beneficial tools on the iPad that my child can use. But how can I prevent my child from using the iPad for too long? I don’t want it to become another screen that he/she stares at all day.
Solution: Screen time controls.

There are many screen time limiting apps available on the iTunes store that parents can download. These apps allow parents to set a time limit on their device before handing it to the children. Some apps, like Screen Time, are free, while others such as Time Limit, are $0.99.

To find apps similar to the two mentioned above, parents can simply look it up online! We promise, there’s a lot of options out there!

Concern #3: There is so much content out there that is inappropriate for my child. How can I ensure that my child uses only the features I approve of on the iPad?

Solution: Parental controls.

Apple has created different settings so that parents can restrict what applications and content are available to their child on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. In addition, parents can also change the settings so that children cannot alter the Privacy settings themselves.

You can look at the iOS: Understanding Restrictions page to see what kinds of restrictions you can enable on your device. You can also look at the iTunes: Using Parental Controls page to see how you can enable the controls depending on your iTunes version.

Concern #4: I have an iPad and am eager to use the apps, eBooks, and other tools with my child. But there is just so much stuff available! Where do I start looking?

Solution: Start exploring the online Apple store. You’ll find that Apple, like most online stores now, has conveniently organized the content it offers into handy little categories. Simply go to “Books” to access the iBookstore in iTunes. From there, you can click on “Children’s Books” or even explore the specials they may be featuring on the iBookstore homepage.

You can also click here to see all the children’s picture books available in iTunes or here to find books by age!

We hope these controls will be useful to you and help you create a safer and more enjoyable reading experience for your child.


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 @ virtual office Yes, it's great to see more products out there that are addressing the breakability issue with kids, as well as making it easier for them to handle. They're pretty good for adults too ;)