Our Story


While kids are crazy about tablets, they’ve many choices so we strive to provide them a fun and engaging reading experience! One that helps kids develop valuable literacy skills


Reading proficiency in kids is more critical today than ever before in today’s information driven economy.  According to the Annie Casey foundation, a child’s third grade reading level predicts his or her future academic success and ultimately, their success in life!

Chintu and Aarti, the co-founders of KiteReaders, have first hand experience in seeing how independent reading skills can dramatically impact a child’s life.  After their first child started to read on her own, they noticed how reading transformed their child’s life for the better.  Not only did their daughter become more confident, but she also accelerated her knowledge, displayed a heightened curiosity, and a more rapid ability to grasp new concepts!

While reading is a basic skill for survival in this world, we at KiteReaders realize that  a child in today’s society has many choices and distractions that can impede their learning ability.  Today, kids have easy access to mindless games and addicting videos.  KiteReaders wants to change this. We strive to produce eBooks and apps that have quality content, can deliver an enhanced reading experience for children and their families, and can help young children build critical literacy skills.

Our Founders


Reading holds a special place in Chintu’s life.  He grew up in a small town where books, magazines, and  newspapers served as a window to the outside world.  As a child, he enjoyed reading The Three Investigators, The Hardy Boys, Readers Digest, National Geographic, and more.  Before starting KiteReaders, Chintu worked as an operations lead for Yahoo!’s $30M mobile advertising business globally. In the midst of a rocky take-over attempt by Microsoft and ensuing employee layoffs at Yahoo!, Chintu successfully spear headed the launch of  Yahoo!’s mobile search advertising platform in the US, UK and Japan. In addition, Chintu led a cloud based publishing  platform at Yahoo!, which he grew from a mere concept to a $6M annual revenues within its first year.

Chintu brings ten plus years of professional experience backed by an MBA, Enterprise Award with Distinction, from Carnegie Mellon University and graduate and undergraduate degrees with high honors in engineering. 


Aarti took to computers while she was in high-school. Since then, she has enjoyed programming in various languages. As a software engineer, Aarti has contributed to several products in the last ten years  that have had a positive impact in the world. At KiteReaders, she not only designs the products and writes the code behind them, but she also works with literature, which she has loved since her childhood. Her prior experiences includes the design and development of the advertising platform at Yahoo!, developing enterprise pharmacy software at Tech-Rx (now McKesson Provider Technologies), and more.

Aarti has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering with honors from Cleveland State University and has taken graduate computer science courses from Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University.


Read, Play and Learn Is Our Mantra At KiteReaders 

KiteReaders develops fun, educational and interactive children’s multi-media book apps and ebooks in partnership with leading children’s book publishers, authors and illustrators. Kite Readers is brought to you by SachManya Inc., a multi-award winning eBooks and mobile apps platform company founded by Yahoo alumni and based out of Silicon Valley, CA.  KiteReaders is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.