We’ve been talking a great deal about the benefits of tablets and eBooks for young children. The portability, read-aloud features, extra add ons, and dictionary features all contribute to a more engaging and educational reading experience for young children.

But what about the concerns parents have about their children using tablets in general? Many parents argue that tablets provide children with unlimited access to uncensored information and are just another “screen” for their kids to stare at. Tablet innovators have become more aware of the reasons for why parents are hesitant to give a tablet to their child. Over the years, we have seen tablet providers include special features in their tablets that address parents’ common concerns and aim to resolve any issues parents may have.

We identified four main concerns that parents have when they are debating giving a tablet to their child. They’re are:

too fragile and expensive to give to a child. provide easy access to inappropriate content. just another screen. hard to find content for. Where do I begin?

We want parents to know about the changes tablet makers have implemented and the special features they now include in their tablets! Using these features will help you be at ease when you hand a tablet to your child and will allow him/her to access the beneficial content that IS out there! Click on the links below to learn about the features on the :


Nook (Barnes and Noble) Kindle (Amazon) iPad (Apple)